Why Education is ESSENTIAL for the HUMANITY?

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What makes the difference between educated people and uneducated people?. its sense, sense of knowing the difference between wrong and right things. it gives us a way of thinking and exploring new things. An uneducated person never knows the difference. he might be following the path of their forefathers or the path of their illiterate and uneducated people. there is a difference of behavior that mainly reflects knowledge of educated and silliness of uneducated person.

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the actual difference is there might be a PhD student who is learning in the class and not questioning anything, that is also a sign of uneducated persons. perhaps they do their Ph.D. in hungering and thrusting of respect and money that keep them uneducated for the lifetime. on the other hand, you might see a sixteen-year-old boy who has hunger and thirst for knowledge. he is a student of real knowledge and behavior. that Ph.D. passed student never makes the difference between the wrong and right things. he has a hunger for respect and money that makes a difference.


EDUCAtion are OF TWO TYPES. IT MAY BE SELF-TAUGHT OR MAYBE by going to college and schooling or it may be learning at home and library.we prefer to both. both have different advantages. self study in which we get knowledge from different places and plat form. even social media provide us great information about the career and personal life.its a state of mind weather we use social media and other platforms to get knowledge or for wasting our time in getting famousity.

EXAMPLE one use Instagram to get popularity and other to seek for knowledge,its a state of mind both wanted to get better but one by simply posting pictures and other by reading and then posting valuable books or other litterry things. education also need a good mind set to store. one makes concepts and other just read to pass those certificate papers. mostly people merg education with certificates and numbers in exams because education seems to be invisible to them with out numbers and papers which is also a bad state of mind

advantages and disadvantages of education:

WE all knows that education has unmeasurable advantages for example it provide good behavior ,good life and a peace of mind. education is the biggest tool of success it provides us sense of every miricle happening around us.Education is providing us new technology tools to live a comfortable life and a facility of inventions. By the way education is not only about peace of mind and good behaviours.its also about realizing the creatures of the earth and other planets

there are disadvantages of education, people are believing in science rather than in GOD. people are believing that there is no creature of this universe, which hurted me when I saw a boy studying books but ignoring the worship of GOD.he thinks that if would be no science there whoud be nothing. but the question is who created science? IF there would be no god there would be no sequence on earth.for examples when there was dinasore there the people were larger in size to handle but when people become shorter in light animals, fruits and other necessary things also become short that makes the sense of god.


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